Galvanized rails, office building in Bethesda
Welding piece numbers on channel, our shop for the VA Data Center
Anti skateboard rails, Baltimore Md
Welding base plates on columns, our shop the French School, Bethesda Md
Delivering material, MLK Library, Washington DC
Exhaust vent grill, our shop for Fort Meade
Trailer jack repair
Reinforced ATV swing arm
Mount for a winder on a crab boat
Stair rails, private home, Calvert Co Md
Stair rails, office in Prince Frederick, Md

Handicap rails, office in Prince Frederick, Md
Fabricating bollards, our shop
Rails, private residence, Gibson Island, Md
Arch with gate, Alexandra Va
Rails, parking garage, Bethesda Md


Support frame for AT&T antennas, hotel Northern Va